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The Team

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The only female in the building! With way too many years in the florist trade (let's just say I left school in 1986 and went straight into a flower shop - you can figure out the years of experience under my belt from that) there isn't much I haven't seen/done or experienced when it comes to the world of flowers. 

I've worked for, and alongside, some of the very best the floristry world has to offer. I'm the one you will speak to when you call the shop (unless I'm busy & one of the guys answers). I'm the one you will see look dishevelled, covered in leaves, water (& often other not nice things) if you come into the shop.

Currently every single order delivered, or collected, will have been made by me, from a single carnation buttonhole, to a replica of someone's garden, or a milky way chocolate bar. I am so lucky to be able to work in an environment I absolutely love, dealing with the best-of-the-best when it comes to my customers (well, mostly; there are one-or-two difficult ones (you know who you are!) 

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Tech Guy! 

The man that made it all happen; the one who gets moaned at on a daily basis; the website designer and all round general good guy (occasionally!!).

Even now he still has no clue about flowers (although he can now tell a carnation from a chrysanthemum); that's ok though; as long as he sorts the rubbish and is willing to battle the cobwebs in the loft, we'll keep him around a bit longer!

He's responsible for the upkeep of our fantastic website (that he designed) although he's now shown me how to do most of it so I guess he's responsible for delegating; he is still the one that keeps me in check when I get a bit carried away with things. He's not a florist and never will be. He owns a computer support company for small businesses, which is how he has ended up being the shops website designer. He works out of a small office at the back of the shop premises so is on hand to help out in the shop as-and-when I need him to. 

Mobirise Website Builder

(He's a little camera shy, as you can tell!)

If you want it delivered, he's the man who will knock on the door with a smile on his face (every time) and deliver to you, your friends, you family and anyone else you may wish to send flowers to (he's been known to sing on occasions as well - not sure if that is a good, or bad thing :) ) He's also pretty nifty at making hand tied bouquets (don't let on I said that out loud!)

He's the man I send off to set up at wedding venues, which he can now do with his eyes closed (he's had plenty of practice).

Chris is also the "go-to" guy. If it needs building; he will build it. If it needs wiring; he will wire it. If it needs repairing; he will (well, I think you get the idea by now). He's also an active member of Fareham Men's Shed which also comes in handy, because if he can't do it (or doesn't have something we may need to complete a task) then he knows someone who does.   

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Scarer of our post lady

and then there's Vlad; a most important member of the team, who seems to get more people talk to him than the rest of us put together - yes, occasionally he scares the odd person (not that we are calling our lovely post lady odd :) ) and he's made our wholesalers jump in the depth of a deep, dark winter :) 

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